The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

Written & Illustrated by Peter Brown

Published by Little, Brown and Company, April 2016

Oh my gosh, this is one of the best books we’ve read! Even, or maybe especially, in its simplicity.

Roz the robot gets tossed out of a ship in a crash landing and washes up on shore of a wild island. She knows only that she must survive.

Crazy weather, baby bears who attack her, uncontrollable tumbles down the mountainside, Roz encounters all of these and more. She even faces discrimination from the animals who treat her like a monster to be feared.

But then, in a roundabout way, she adopts a newly hatched gosling and slowly, one by one, the animals warm up to her and start to help her. They even begin to help each other.

Homes, and gardens and friendships and fire, non-traditional families, artificial life, even poop plays an important role. What an adventure! And Roz isn’t the only great character either, the supporting cast is full of clever, funny and opinionated animals.

Even though the narrator tells us, “As you might know, robots don’t really feel emotions. Not the way animals do.” The emotions this book elicits are both powerful and beautiful. Loneliness, heartache, surprise, desperation, fear, love, kindness. This book is alive with wonder.

Then a war comes to the island as more robots arrive to steal Roz back into the life she was intended for. And oh! How the animals battle to save their beloved Roz! We literally jumped up and down and screamed at the book when we read the end!!

Peter Brown makes you feel like you are present on this wild island with his crystal clear descriptions through the eyes of this amazing robot. I love all Roz’s observations, sitting and just watching as “flowers slowly turn toward the sun.” “Foxes stalked hares.” “Ocean waves beat against the coastline.” He makes me want to sit in a forest and do nothing but watch and listen.

The Wild Robot is a gem of a book that will stay in your heart for a while. And we can hardly wait for the sequel!

Note to Parents: We read this book aloud when Lily was 8 and Jasper was 6. The battle scene at the end gets pretty intense, and we just thought you might want to know in case you want to check it out before you read it to your minions.

Lily’s Thoughts

There are a lot of good things about this book. Too much to write down, but here are some: Roz is so nice, and she starts off like any other robot, and thinks she should only become friends to survive. But she learns to feel at least parts of emotions. When her gosling asks her questions, she can always look into her computer to find answers, except when he asks questions about Roz.

People would like this book because any person of any age could read it and would have an opinion on it. Roz is such a good character in such a good book that it would be hard not to like her. She is smart and she’s nice and feels like she has to protect her gosling and the other animals even though she can’t fly or swim.

Jasper’s Thoughts

I like this book because I like robots and because it’s good and tragic. I like the part where they have a bonfire, but it gives away their location to the other robots.


Our Verdict: 5 FAT STARS *****


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    You guys earn 5 Fat Stars from me!

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      Thanks Lisa!!!😘👏

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