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Welcome to Wild for Books!

Meet the Team!

Jasper Ohlin

Jasper hails from Cubertee, a planet in a long forgotten galaxy where everyone agrees on everything except which Lego set is their favorite. He likes drawing, hockey, swimming, playing Legos, reading, reading Lego instructions, doing Legos and more Legos. In case you haven’t noticed a theme, here, he also likes playing Lego Marvel and Lego Hobbit video games. Jasper has great hair, but also loves wearing hats. He’s especially talented at drawing. Some of his specialties include, island houses, comics, game levels and robots. His sister, Lily, calls him “The Picasso of robots.”

Favorite Book Characters: Dog Man and Roz

 Lily Ohlin

Lily was born reading and reads faster than her mama these days. If there’s one thing Lily loves more than books (wait, is that possible?) it’s animals. Ants, bees, lizards, frogs, turtles, fish, coral, dogs, horses, dolphins, cats, birds, elephants, sharks, seals, penguins, polar bears, racoons. You name it, she knows about it. In fact, sometimes she just takes her huge animal encyclopedia and reads it. Lily is also a little foodie and even though her parents swear it’s not their fault, she’s quickly becoming a food snob. Lily plays the ukulele, loves swimming, art and travel and dreams of going to Paris someday to eat a real baguette. She also wants to know when “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” is going to come out with another season.

Favorite Book Characters: Fred & George Weasley, Firestar, Camicazi

Dizzy Ohlin

Dizzy the dog. He’s our love muffin, fuzz nugget, all around soft goofball, and no he can’t read, but we think he secretly enjoys listening. He pays special attention when Jasper reads Dog Man. I’m not sure if it’s because the book is full of dogs and cats, or because of the weenie wars!

Favorite Book Character: Dog, Enzo, Dog Man, Winn-Dixie

Greg Ohlin

Resident genius, game guru, cocktail maker, banjo player. Greg loves snowboarding, music and good jokes, playing Pathfinder, Scotland Yard, and video games with his two minions, and date nights with no minions. He’s kayaked in Puget Sound, snowboarded in Germany and hiked Mt. Rainier, but is just as happy taking a nap on the porch on lazy Saturday afternoons. Most importantly, he makes the world’s best hash browns.

Favorite Book Characters: Gandalf, Thursday Next, Hari Seldon

Sara Ohlin

Sara hasn’t met a book she wouldn’t read at least once. She grew up with her family making fun of her for how much she reads and wouldn’t have it any other way. Even as an adult she’s been known to ignore her children for a good book. She’s obsessed with food, loves photography and gardening and can’t figure out why all the zucchini died in the garden this year (I mean, who can’t grow zucchini?!) She loves travel and adventure in real life and in books. In one of her lives she’s also a writer and you can find her at www.lemonsandroses.com

Favorite Book Characters: Loveday Carey-Lewis, Hermione Granger, Sir Cadogan, Thursday Next, Cath, Harold Fry, Everett Chance, Kincaid Chance, Irwin Chance, Faye Goodknight, Claire Fraser, Jamie Fraser, Scout, Sophie Zawistowska, Liesel Meminger, Death, August Boatwright, Josephine March, Fools Crow, Enzo